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About Me


My passion is to support others to know and experience what it means to be embodied and to embody their Soul’s essence. I love to pass on the gifts of my life’s experience to those who are on this journey called life and to those whose wish and longing is to awaken their aliveness and creativity from within. How do you embody your Soul’s essence? That is my life’s quest ! My work is all about using creative-arts processes and body-based practices to explore Soulful embodiment. I believe this work gives us the possibility to experience the full potential of who we are meant to be in this life.

My earlier training and 1st profession was in the world of classical ballet from young adolescence into adulthood. As a professional ballet dancer I performed in a variety of roles throughout the classical repertoire with, among others, The National Ballet of Canada, the Stuttgart Ballet and the Zürich Ballet at the Opera House Zürich. Ballet is a very beautiful but strenuous art form and over the years, the day to day physical, emotional and mental stress began to take its toll on my body and psyche. This stress became the catalyst for a deep inner search within myself and it opened many questions about the direction of my life and its purpose. It was during this moment of personal search that my soul gifted me with a profound spiritual awakening in the form of a near death experience. This experience completely changed my life and perspective and within 6 months I stopped dancing completely and started my path of personal healing and growth. From this point on a passion awakened in me and I had to understand how the body, mind and soul work together in a process of embodiment. And the more I learned and began to understand, the more I wanted to share and support others through my work, to know and experience themselves as a soul embodied, and in body. A second awakening experience brought me even more understanding and clarity about my life’s journey and how it both informs and brought me to the methodology of how I work.

I have 25 years of experience as a bodyworker, healer and coach both in private practice near Zürich and at the Revital Center, a Wellness Center for women, in Les Rasses, Switzerland. Educations and training in body psychotherapy and depth psychology along with energy healing and body work have been a part of my learning journey, as well as the somatic practice of Continuum Movement, of which I am a teacher.

I am currently a teacher in training at the Tamalpa Institute in California studying the Life/Art Process while completing my Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Coaching at The European Graduate School in Switzerland. I have been incorporating these profound body-based expressive arts methods in my work since 2016.

I look forward and am happy to accompany all those who would like to be more deeply connected to body, mind and soul through a body-based creative arts process. If becoming a soul, fully embodied in creative aliveness resonates with you, it is my absolute pleasure to be of service to you!



2016-2021: in a Masters Degree program for Expressive Arts Coaching and Consulting at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland
2020 Teacher in training at the Tamalpa Institute in San Rafael, California
May 2019: Graduate of the Tamalpa Life Art Process developed by Anna and Daria Halprin
2018: Assistant to Gretchen Bernard Newburger at the Atelier Rainbow Tanzkunst in Rüschlikon, Switzerland
2018: Authorized Continuum Movement ® Teacher
2008-Present: Therapist for body and energy work at the Revital Center, Les Rasses, Switzerland
2018: Expressive Arts workshop facilitator at the Revital Center,Les Rasses, Switzerland
2012 until present: Teacher at the Enkelten Koti School for Healing and Self Transformation
2012: Registered WingWave ® coach
2009-2012: Graduate of the Center for Intentional Living, a 3 year intensive program in deep psychology with the focus on attachment theory and early childhood wounding
2003-2005: Training in Core Energetics body psychotherapy at the Core Energetics Institute in Bern,Switzerland
1999-2003: Graduate of the Snowlion Center School, a 4 year program based on the model of Barbara Brennan, integrating the healing process and self transformation
1997: Diploma for Ortho-Bionomy ®, a gentle form of bodywork based on Osteopathy
1996-2001: Therapist for body and energy work at the Revital Center, Les Rasses, Switzerland
1995-1996: Massage therapist at the Belladonna Spa in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
1994: Diploma in Classical Massage from the Massage School BodyFeet in Thun, Switzerland

Professional engagements as a ballet dancer:
Zürich Ballet, Opera House Zürich
Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf
The Stuttgart Ballet
The National Ballet of Canada

Professional training and education:
Harkness House for Ballet Arts with David Howard and Maria Vegh in NYC
The School of American Ballet in NYC
Professional Children’s School in NYC

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