Have You Lost the Power to Dream and Live Your Best Life?

Awaken Your Passion and Creativity in Life


As a skilled healer and Expressive Arts coach, let me guide you towards the life you’ve been longing for.

Perhaps you realize that you are just functioning, but deep inside, you know, “this isn’t how life is meant to be.”

You notice that you’re dragging through your days

You try to convince yourself that the exhaustion and heaviness you feel will pass, that things will get better if you keep going and try a little harder…but it doesn’t.

You long for things to be better but can’t find your way out.!


There is Truly Magic, Aliveness, and Potential Within You, and Now is the Time to Access It! Let’s Do It Together

How You Can Benefit by Working with Me

As your body-based therapist and coach, I will guide you to reawaken your inner potential and aliveness.

Our work together will help you tap into your power and creativity, awakening your capacity to dream and live your best life.

The connection between body, heart, mind and soul will become more real for you, bringing a sense of fulfilment.


Working with Me Can Help You to Achieve These Benefits and More:

  • A sense of physical and emotional well being
  • Physical pain may diminish or disappear
  • An increased sense of lightness is possible as if a heavy burden has lifted
  • More energy, vitality and aliveness will become available to you
  • Creativity can awaken as limiting belief systems release and fall away
  • A sense of beauty can increase
  • A feeling of being more connected to life and your place within it
  • Living your life with more meaning, passion, purpose and fulfilment

I’m a Skilled Healer, Bodyworker and Expressive Arts Coach with a Big Heart

I have 25 years of experience working with people just like you...people who are longing to improve their lives and free their potential.

Before becoming a therapist and coach, I was a professional ballet dancer. The challenges of this profession awakened a deep passion in me to discover the connection between our body, heart, mind and soul. I was moved by realizing our deep capacity to heal and transform the difficulties in our lives.

I love to bring all the gifts of my learning to our work together.

I Love and am Passionate About My Work. It’s a Privilege to Guide You on the Journey Back to Yourself

I use many healing and body and art-based modalities, depending on your needs.

My goal is to help you achieve the transformational healing you’ve been waiting for.

It is Time to Dream and Live Your Best Life. Are You Ready?

If you want an experienced healer and therapist to help you achieve the transformational healing you’ve been waiting for, contact me for a free 15-minute inquiry call.

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