Continuum Movement

Developed by Somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement is a body based movement inquiry that opens and supports connection to our body’s innate wisdom and aliveness.

The breaths, sounds and non structured movement of Continuum start to free and liberate habitual, learned ways of being in our body. To “be” in a body , or to be “embodied” takes on a whole new meaning as frozen structures that have been held in the tissue start to melt and soften, allowing fluidity and connection to what is alive and flowing within us...our life force.

Continuum Movement gives us the chance to discover the joy and self empowerment of participating in our own life process and the gift and possibility to awaken from within. It is a practice that supports health, well being and interconnectedness on all levels of our body and being...from the cultural, to the primordial, and to our cosmic origins. .