Expressive Arts Coaching

The Tamalpa Life Art Process

“The entire repertoire of our life experiences can be accessed and activated from the body in movement“ Daria Halprin

Our body stores all of our life experiences and is a vast resource of wisdom and information. This wisdom, when accessed, can support a path of personal growth, healing and transformation. In this arts-based work we open and awaken our body and senses through the use of movement, music, drawing and writing to support a deeper connection to our bodies and the different themes that are present in our lives. By activating our senses thru the arts process we begin, through the creative process, to make “sense” of our lives and give meaning to our life experiences, bringing change and growth.
A movement and body-based arts process opens the possibility to express the full range of human emotions and to connect more deeply and authentically to our truest self. The soul becomes visible.

I am truly passionate about the power of the arts to transform and give meaning to our lives both personally and collectively and am happy to share this work in the following different formats:
By offering individual sessions of self-discovery in person and online
By offering group workshops in-person and online
I use Expressive Arts methods and elements of the Tamalpa Life Art Process created by Daria and Anna Halprin to facilitate and support my work.

The Benefits of the Expressive Arts

  • Promotes a deeper body awareness and understanding
  • Helps one to use existing resources and discover new ones
  • Encourages and can open a sense of curiosity and play
  • Opens reserves of creativity and imagination
  • Supports physical, emotional and mental flexibility
  • Supports a process of healing and growth through a movement and body based arts process
  • Supports awakening our aliveness and the joy of being alive that is possible for all of us !