Why a healing session?

All of us face difficult times in our lives. It could be that we are confronted with illness, with losing our job, or that we have relationship problems. When we are ready these life problems can push us to ask deep questions within ourselves such as..."Why did this happen to me? Where did I lose the joy and spontaneity in my life? Where am I going in my lifeā€¦ what is the purpose of my life?"

My wish is to accompany you through this process. I am not a healer in the sense of taking your problems or illness away..."make me better"...My role is more that of a guide or helper who is supporting you in the process of re-membering your self...helping you to remember what you deeply know but have lost connection to or forgotten on your journey thru life.

Our body and auric field carry and reveal both our story and our history and is truly a reflection of how we understand and "think" life is. In our work together my wish is to bring increasing levels of awareness to the underlying balance of your energies. Your intention and consciousness, which also includes habitual belief systems, can either support health and aliveness in you or can be responsible for creating imbalance or problems in your life. Part of the journey of healing and transformation will be to become aware of how and when these imbalances started to occur. These imbalances can be seen and felt in your body and your auric field as energetic blocks, places where your energy has become frozen and the connection to life and what's alive in you has been lost but not forgotten.

As these energetic blocks are released thru our work together more life energy starts to flow within you and a new possibility and way to be in life is able to emerge. Life begins to be a more creative process with you as a more conscious co-creator of it.
This is healing as a process of self transformation.

Benefits of healing work

Can support the release of stress and tension
Supports the release and healing of physical and emotional trauma
Supports physical healing,also the healing process after operations
Can restore a sense of mental and emotional balance
Supports a process of personal and spiritual growth
Helps you to become a more conscious creator of your life