How I Work

My Philosophy on Healing and Growth

The Body Says What Words Cannot

Martha Graham Dancer and Choreographer (1894 -1991)

Your body holds the key to healing and unfolding your potential and creativity.

You’re intrinsically whole. Deep within you and your body, there is a place that knows this.

By nature, you are curious, compassionate, playful and creative.

This is your True Essential Self or your Soul Self. It is the Self who is complete. It has no story, but it carries knowledge and solutions for healing for your life struggles. It is your inner healer.

Your Essential Self or your Soul Self is always awake, alive and there for you 24/7.

My work with you strengthens this connection to your Self, your inner healer, to transform your life.

I act as the guide by your side, helping you to awaken what has always been there.

It is possible.

You Deserve to Fulfill Your Dreams and Actualize Your Potential

You can flourish in all areas of your life. Our work together will support you to do this.

In 25 Years of Experience, I’ve Developed a Unique Combination of Body, Mind and Spiritual Techniques That Can Help Transform Your Life

As your healer and expressive arts therapist, I provide a warm and caring space for you to unfold your potential.

I care deeply about your struggles and pain. I offer a place of gentle presence and non-judgmental respect for you and your life’s journey.

Life has taught me that a sense of play, curiosity and humour can bring lightness into the most difficult places in our lives.

I bring this to my work with you.

Movement is Who We Are, Not What We Do

The above quote from movement pioneer Emilie Conrad Daoud inspires my work.

For over 25 years, I’ve studied numerous healing modalities [About page]. These included energy healing methods, body psychotherapy and depth psychology, focusing on healing relationship trauma and early childhood wounds. I’ve also studied expressive arts therapies.

I now incorporate my extensive training and experience into my own healing method, which includes movement, drawing, writing and energy work.

The approaches that have influenced my work the most are the Tamalpa Life/Art Process developed by Daria and Anna Halprin, Continuum Movement and a psychospiritual healing training based on the method of Barbara Brennan.

These trainings all focus on working with the body to heal physical, psychological and spiritual struggles. .

The expressive arts and energy healing methods I use have the power to transform your mental and emotional states into a more positive state of being.

My sessions with you may deepen your insight into the challenges you’re experiencing. This may surprise you in positive ways.

Your physical and emotional pain can diminish or disappear.

This, in turn, inspires more trust in yourself and your healing process, helping you become more whole and centered in your authentic Self.

When you are genuinely connected to yourself, life is more rewarding. You feel empowered and have more passion for life.

A deeper sense of Self worth and confidence can change your relationships for the better.

Long-held tensions can be released, bringing a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Life takes on new meaning and purpose.

A Fulfilling Life Awaits You

Whatever You Can Do or Dream You Can, Begin It. Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in It. Begin It Now


Are You Ready to Begin? Lets Get Started…

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