Meet Karla

Healer, Dancer, Artist

My Background Story

Below I will discuss my mission, training and experience as a healer and expressive arts therapist and why you may want to work with me.

If you wish, you can also read my story of the 30-year journey that led me to discover my true calling as a healer.

My Mission as a Healer and Expressive Arts Therapist

My own healing led me to see that we are much more than our difficult and traumatic stories.

Your Soul, your Self is always there for you through life's difficulties. It whispers, "Hey, I'm here waiting for you. Are you ready to begin? It's time to start the journey home to yourself."

I am passionate about helping you create the journey home to your Self.

My mission and deeply held wish are to reconnect you to your true Essential Soul Self - to guide you on your journey home to yourself and a life that fulfils you.

I act as a guide as you uncover and recover the part of you that is curious, playful, creative, spontaneous, and fully alive.

My wish and vision for all who live on earth at this time are that we remember who we truly are.

My Strengths as a Healer and Expressive Arts Therapist

I am a mature woman who has dived deeply into my own healing process to uncover and recover my Self.

I bring all my personal and professional experience to support you in your healing process.

I'll help you free your body, heart, mind, and Soul using energy healing, movement, drawing, and writing. I have realized how important it is to include the body and movement in a healing process.

Author and renowned pioneer in trauma therapy, Bessel Van Der Kolk states, "One of the clearest lessons from contemporary neuroscience is that our sense of ourselves is anchored in a vital connection with our bodies."

Daria Halprin, one of my teachers and a pioneer in the field of Expressive Arts Therapy, says “our bodies contain our life stories and that all of our life experiences can be accessed through the body in movement.”

As you free the struggles and pain from your difficult life story through energy healing, movement and the art making process, you gain...(add energy healing before movement, etc.)

Life becomes richer and more meaningful, and you start to enjoy the life you have.

Over 25 Years of Healing Training and Experience

I have explored the body, mind, and Soul connection for over 25 years through dozens of trainings and am currently completing a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Coaching (see below).

One healing modality that has had a profound impact on my work is the method of Barbara Brennan. This holistic approach incorporates the knowledge of body psychotherapy and unites it with spiritual healing.

My artist self was reawakened at the European Graduate School, where I am completing a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Coaching. To support my degree, I studied and became a teacher for the expressive arts Tamalpa Life/Art Process developed by Anna and Daria Halprin.

Whether it be music, drawing, dance, or theatre, the arts move you from your everyday world and problems into a world of imagination and creativity, where there are solutions to your difficulties.

Drawing, writing, movement, and dance help you to access your feelings and can lead to a process of self-discovery and understanding.

Your creative process becomes the road to emotional health and healing, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom.

Your connection to your Soul and essential Self can open and become more anchored into your body.

Key Education and Training:

  • Currently completing a Master's Degree in Expressive Arts Coaching at The European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland
  • Graduate and Teacher for Tamalpa Life/Art ® Process of Anna and Daria Halprin
  • Authorized Continuum Movement ® Teacher
  • Registered WingWave ® Coach (based on the EMDR therapy of Francine Shapiro)
  • Graduate of The Center for Intentional Living, a 3-year program in deep relational psychology with a focus on early childhood wounding
  • 3 years of training in Core Energetics body psychotherapy
  • Graduate of the Snowlion Center School, a 4-year education based on the psychospiritual method of Barbara Ann Brennan
  • Ortho Bionomy Practitioner, a gentle bodywork based on Osteopathy
  • Therapist for Ortho Bionomy and Energy Healing at Revital, a Wellness Hotel for women in Les Rasses, Switzerland
  • In private practice for Expressive Arts Coaching, Ortho Bionomy and Energy Healing near Zürich, Switzerland
  • Workshop facilitator for the expressive arts Tamalpa Life/Art Process ® and Continuum Movement ® in Switzerland and Finland

My Life in Switzerland:

I live in a small town close to Zürich that looks over the lake of Zürich. I love my adopted country (I'm American), and I am nourished daily by the beautiful nature that is all around me.

I enjoy walks with my beloved Cocker Spaniel puppy in the forest and along the lake, I e-bike in the Bernese mountains, and being a mover by nature, I love to unite body, heart, and Soul by dancing in my living room!

I have a personal meditation and light body practice and have been on my spiritual path for over 30 years.

I aim to live my life with integrity, honesty, and self-love...with a large dose of compassion and humour added!

If you haven't yet read my story of my background and how I became a healer, you can read that here.

If you're looking for an experienced therapist to help you heal and become more of your true Self, contact me for a free 15-minute inquiry call.