My Story: Discovering My True Calling

Chapter 1: My Early Years - A Love of Movement and a Longing for Love

As a young child, I was constantly in movement. I was very athletic - swimming, diving, riding, ice skating, and tennis were ways I loved to move and challenge my body. I sang, played the guitar, and loved to mimic singers like Joni Mitchell and Julie Andrews.

While movement and music gave me great pleasure, inside, I felt like an outsider.

I was always searching for something that my family, sports, and church couldn't give me.

Everything looked fine in our family on the surface, but inside I felt isolated, abandoned, and alone...

The love I was longing for was non-existent.

I was told I how beautiful I was but what I saw and experienced was contradictory.

Although my parents told me that I was beautiful, my father refused to play tennis with my mother's friend because she had "ugly, piano legs."

My mother didn't like me to play with my best friend who had stained teeth from a medicine ..." She doesn't look nice," she said. "Can't you find another playmate?"

What was true, I wondered.

I looked to the church for answers to replace what I wasn't getting in my family.

But the church also hurt me.

Instead of finding comfort and connection to something bigger than myself, I experienced oppression and abuse.

Nuns slapped and berated me. Priests drove the biggest and most luxurious car in the village and yet preached about poverty. It all seemed like a lie.

What I was taught by the priests and nuns, and what I experienced about "God's love" was conflicting.

Again, I wondered what was true.

As I looked out at the world around me, I knew, "this is not how life should be."

I sensed that something was calling me inside, but I didn't know what or have words for it yet.

Chapter 2: Discovering a Love for Ballet

Adolescence began, and I knew I had to break free from the restrictions of my family, church, and suburban life.

I started tap, acrobatics, and ballet in a small school near the town where I lived.

And there I found my passion...ballet.

I knew I had to follow this passion and the call of my artist and mover self. At 13, I entered into one of the top ballet schools in America.

My love of ballet lasted for 25 years until the physical and psychological challenges of this beautiful but strenuous art form eventually took their toll on me.

Ballet had taught me to view my body as a machine, and the engine was breaking down.

I was utterly exhausted and in constant physical and emotional pain.

I felt utter despair.

I no longer wanted to keep dancing professionally but couldn't see a way out.

I felt trapped and longed for a way to free myself.

Chapter 3: Finding My True Calling: Becoming a Healer

Fortunately, a profound experience changed my life.

I discovered an energy healer who completely opened me to the possibility that I could become pain-free and enjoy my life again. After her sessions, my pain was gone. I felt lighter and freer from my emotional challenges and exhaustion.

I couldn't understand how this healing worked, but I was impressed and amazed.

I realized that working as a healer was my true calling.

I knew in my heart that I wanted to learn and understand what I had experienced with my healer. I started to explore various healing methods and read whatever I could find about energy and healing.

During this time, 2 near-death experiences awakened a deeply held fire in me to understand the connection between body, mind, and Soul and how they work together in healing and transformation.

Experiencing my Soul Self without the trauma of my personal history deepened my healing process and further crystallized my desire to help others as I had been helped.

Instead of viewing my body as a machine, I realized the body is a gift, and it plays a critical role in the process of healing.

This was the beginning of finding my path of becoming a Healer and Expressive Arts Coach.

If you haven't yet read my story of my background and how I became a healer, you can read that here. [link to My story page]

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