• Karen K.  Texas
    Ohhhh the process was LOVELY.  The difference in my being before and after was simply AMAZING ♥️ G R A T I T U D E 🙏   I felt like a river gently flowing held in a cloud ...
    Karen K. Texas
  • Sabine A., Zürich
    The issue is in the tissue... This is a statement made by Karla during the movement sessions.  She finds so much resonance with me.  In the guided body and sound work I get to the valuable, stored but hidden information with playful ease.  Information that offers me a more understanding approach to my life themes.  They are flushed up as solutions and made tangible through images or thoughts.  In this joyful dance form, I experience how the fascia in the body become dynamic and supple, how I feel the youthful energy and liveliness, how I gain alertness and clarity and inner peace to address current needs.
    Sabine A., Zürich
  • Sarah D., Geneva
    The expressive painting experience with Karla gave me the opportunity to drop into a deeper understanding of my soul and body. I joined because I know I have stored trauma and that I am somewhat disconnected from my body. I am looking to explore my body more this year, and I also intuitively gravitate towards painting, so having movement as a bridge into painting was an ideal structure. Karla guided me through waking up and firing up my body with precision and experience. I felt little inhibition as she led me with her playful spirit. Initially the simple to follow chakra work already loosened up my heart chakra, releasing layers of tension. Karla was able to gently hold me through a rollercoaster of emotions, never letting me slip too far into the darkness. The guided meditation to connect to the divine feminine made me realise the power I have inside and also gave me a vital visual antidote to some of the more intense negative feelings I am currently undergoing. I am so grateful for her genuine interest in my soul’s well-being and her expertise in all matter body, movement, and energy. Through her accumulated years of spiritual knowledge, she has definitely acquired a deeper understanding of what medicine our soul yearns for - and the body is clearly an overlooked gateway to this healing. I would recommend her to everyone; her heart, passion and playfulness are an amazing combination for anyone fearful about entering into deeper spirit and body work.
    Sarah D., Geneva