My Experience with Karla was Cathartic and Nourishing 

“As an expressive arts practitioner, it’s important to have an avenue of self-care. I  reached out to Karla to do a session on body scanning. 

 I had specific desires, and she was great at working with me to design the session that I needed. The experience was cathartic and nourishing. Thank you, dear Karla!” 

– Destiny Gagiano, European Graduate School, Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy 

My Body and Mind Felt More Intuned and Aligned After Taking Karla’s  Workshop! 

Karla is an amazing expressive arts practitioner. Her love and passion for her work show how delicate and caring she is with her group participants.  

My body and mind felt more in tuned and aligned after taking her workshop. Thanks,  Karla, for this great experience! I highly recommend her workshop! You will love it! Thanks! 

Maria P. Delos Reyes 

Mom, Artist, and Expressive Arts Facilitator, Masters Degree in Expressive Arts  Coaching and Consulting, emphasis Education  

At 67 yrs old, Karla Helped Me Acquire More Self-esteem and Confidence. 

“Working with Karla is an experience of meeting your soul… one on one. At 67 yrs old, this helped me acquire more self-esteem and confidence needed to do things I  could only do after a few good drinks!! i.e., my passion is ballroom dancing, and I felt over the hill to accomplish anything satisfying in this pursuit. 

I’ve now progressed in Ballroom dance past the bronze level to silver and above –  even while being masked and gloved during this era of COVID!  

Also, in my work as a real estate agent, I’ve had one of the best years that I’ve had in the last 30 years. The ancient Greek philosophers weren’t kidding when they liberally  used the motto: !know thyself”… it is an empowering process… to know and embrace my soul’s desires … and one that Karla clearly understands and plugs her clients into  easily and effortlessly.” 

Gloria Luoma, Former 1st Soloist at The National Ballet of Canada and Real Estate  Agent at Re/Max, Rouge River Realty Ltd. 

Karla Guided Me to Identify Patterns Blocking my Path to My Presence in Just a Single Workshop. 

“Karla is a gifted facilitator who is distinct in the field of Expressive Arts coaching by virtue of her remarkably wide palette of skills in the arts. Her session guided me to identify patterns blocking my path to my presence in just a single workshop experience. Her gentle, playful approach is seductively powerful and practised.” 

– Constance Schrader Ph.D. in Expressive Arts, European Graduate School, Board  Certified in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Asheville Dance for Parkinson’s instructor

Months Later, I’m Still Finding Insights Coming Through the Artwork I did in  Karla’s Session. 

“What an enriching experience I had in Karla’s workshop! The pace was perfect,  allowing me to explore and process the fruits of exploration both within and beyond the session. Beginning with gentle body-centred investigation, the session skillfully wove threads from movement to painting and back to movement inviting ever-deepening inquiry.  

Months later, I’m still finding insights coming through the artwork I did in that session. Whether one is looking for a way through a specific issue or merely open to  an expanded sense of self, Karla has remarkable skills for guiding you on a nurturing  path of self-expression opening to deeper self-acceptance.”  

– Constance Schrader Ph.D. in Expressive Arts, European Graduate School, Board  Certified Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Asheville Dance for Parkinson’s instructor 

I Feel the Youthful Energy and Liveliness, How I Gain Alertness and Clarity,  and a Feeling of Inner Peace 

“‘The issue is in the tissue.’” 

This is a statement made by Karla during the movement sessions. She finds so much resonance with me. In the guided body and sound work I did with her, I got to the valuable, stored but hidden information with playful ease.  

The information offers me more understanding of my life themes. They are flushed up as solutions and made tangible through images or thoughts. In this joyful dance form,  I experience how the fascia in the body becomes dynamic and supple. I feel the youthful energy and liveliness, how I gain alertness and clarity, and a feeling of inner peace. 

– Sabine Aquilini, Zürich, Manager of a Non-Profit Organization 

I Could Feel the Sadness and the Stuck Emotions Dissolve, and I Reached a  Deeper Understanding of the Situation

I would describe the relationship with my mother as rather “functional” for all the time  I remember. Very early in life, I was aware that my brother, who was only one year older than me, and I were not treated equally by my mother.  

Somehow it was clear to me that my mother was doing her best – even if I would have wished for something else.  

As an adult woman, I knew that my mother’s behaviour had nothing to do with me on a  cognitive level. It was due to my mother’s fears, imprints, and the experiences she had in her life.  

And yet, I felt sad that I could not talk to my mother about my feelings. I longed to connect with her, but I afraid to trigger something in her.

Working with Karla helped me integrate on the body level what I knew cognitively. I  could feel the sadness and the stuck emotions dissolve, and I reached a deeper understanding of the situation.  

I reached a realization that Karla’s work, in contrast to many conversational therapies,  helped me go beyond a “mentally understanding” and showed itself deep inside my body. 

There is a feeling of “deep calm understanding and a sincere compassion for my  mother, which reconciled me.” 

– Sabine Aquilini, Zürich, Manager of a Non-Profit Organization  

Working with Karla Transformed Me and My Relationship with My Mother 

I never talked to my mother about the “psychological and body-therapeutic coaching work” I did with Karla.  

My mother lives hundreds of miles away. Our contact consists of short phone calls and short visits 1 to 2 times a year. I have knowingly not changed in the way I deal with her.  

So, I was surprised and deeply touched when, shortly after one of these “enlightening and attitude-changing” sessions with Karla, a letter from my mother arrived, with loving words that I had never heard before.  

Later, my mother told me about events she experiences decades ago, which deeply affected her and explained her way of being a mother.  

Working with Karla transformed me and my relationship with my mother. It helped me see my life, my experiences, and the longing for my unfulfilled needs concerning her.  

This incisive experience was more than 5 years ago, and today I would describe the relationship between my mother and me as understandingly benevolent and loving. 

The Expressive Painting Experience with Karla Helped me Drop into a Deeper  Understanding of My Soul and Body 

The expressive painting experience with Karla helped me drop into a deeper understanding of my soul and body. I joined because I know I have stored trauma and am somewhat disconnected from within my body.  

Karla guided me through waking up and firing up my body with precision and experience. I felt little inhibition as she led me with her playful spirit. Initially, the simple exercise to follow chakra work loosened my heart chakra, releasing layers of tension.  

Karla was able to gently hold me through a rollercoaster of emotions, never letting me slip too far into the darkness. 

The guided meditation to connect to the divine feminine made me realise the power I  have inside and gave me a vital visual antidote to some of the more intense negative feelings I am currently undergoing.  

I am so grateful for Karla’s genuine interest in my soul’s well-being and her expertise in all matters related to body, movement, and energy. Through her accumulated years of spiritual knowledge, she has acquired a deep understanding of what medicine our soul yearns for – and the body is an overlooked gateway to this healing.  

I would recommend her to everyone; her heart, passion, and playfulness are an amazing combination for anyone fearful about entering into deeper spirit and bodywork. 

– Sarah Delatte, Geneva, Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, owner of Atelier Toriko  in Geneva 

I felt Like a River Gently Flowing, Held in a Cloud 

“Ohhh, the process was LOVELY, the difference in my being before and after was  simply Amazing# Gratitude  

I felt like a river gently flowing, held in a cloud.”  

—From Karen K, Texas 

The Work with Karla Gave Me the Incredible Strength and Courage to Stand  Up, Move Away, Rebuild, and Defend a Safe Harbor for My Son And Myself 

One Sunday morning, Karla appeared to me on the sidewalk with her dog in front of a  bakery. My son was instantly attracted by her beautiful and friendly dog. We exchanged a few words and talked about her work.  

Although I could not yet put words to this encounter, her energy field was so soft and lightful that I did not forget it.  

When she appeared to me more than a year later on her bicycle and that my life was about to fall apart, I understood that it was her that I had to turn to. I had no clue about her background or training, or techniques. I trusted that she could help me. 

Karla first listened to me with incredible compassion and benevolence that helped me express the storm I was in and identify the toxic relationship that was eating me up from inside. 

Very naturally, she gave me access to my inner energies. This unlocked powerful resources within me that this toxic relationship prevented me from tapping into for a  long time. 

The work with Karla gave me the incredible strength and courage to stand up, move away, rebuild, and defend a safe harbour for my son and myself. 

I have seen Karla a few more times afterwards, and her words and gentle look have all been accurate, wise, and to the point. She’s always offered me the support that I  need, with a natural and incredible elegance.  

Looking back at these events, that now date back to 8 years, I can assert that  Karla has been the triggering point to regain control over my life. Meeting with her was like taking the hand that destiny gave me that I urgently needed. 

-Onenne Partsch, Belgium